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What’s the Deal with Death Doulas and Why Should We Include Them in our End of Life Planning?
November 8, 2023 at 2:00 PM
by Tara Taws Claghorn-Nicastro
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I have had the lucky opportunity to meet and befriend Mikey Zabeli, owner of Healing Hearts House and certified Death Doula. I had not heard of a Death Doula prior to meeting Mikey, but I am very glad I now know the plethora of benefits that a Death Doula can bring to your “aging in place team”.

Although Death Doula services range, Mikey is 100% a “death coordinator”. As a Death Doula, Mikey can coordinate hospice, home care, advanced care directives, and all aspects of the last few months of life for her clients. Coordination of care and communication with loved ones is an area that is lacking throughout the end of life process. It is amazing to have found someone who can provide this coordination and communication with compassion, kindness, skills and competence.

What types of services does a Death Doula provide?

Pre-Death Planning - Ages 40+

  • Advanced care directives
  • Power of attorneys
    • Create an open communication about your personalized plan of action for your end of life plan and who you want to be involved in your plan

End of Life - Services at Time of Death

  • Comfort care
    • Reiki
    • Create a calm, peaceful ambiance for clients, family and loved ones
    • Read to clients
    • Bereavement counseling
    • Legacy projects
  • Respite care
    • Stay with clients to give family and loved ones a break (several hours per day)
    • Light house work
  • Other Important End of Life Services
    • Confirm that ADLs are documented properly
    • Provide continuity of care and communication between family, loved ones, hospice, home care, physicians and more
    • Provides guidance and assistance post death

If you want to learn more, are in need of your own advanced care directive or just want to dig more into what a Death Doula is, check out Mikey’s website, her instagram , facebook or other social media platforms or give her a call at 610-704-9326!