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A locally-owned agency changing the insurance shopping experience.

We're a boutique Philadelphia agency connecting clients with ideal insurance products.

A boutique Philadelphia insurance broker
We work with people to find insurance products to protect their future.

At Rittenhouse Square Insurance, we sell all types of insurance and annuities to meet the unique needs of every client. The insurance industry is complicated and overwhelming, especially if you have specific medical, home, or travel needs.

We help our clients find the right policies, annuities, and retirement plans for their specific needs. Often, people feel pressured to enroll onto a policy as a rider or as part of an employer package, without fully understanding the policy specifics and without having the opportunity to ask questions or express long term goals.

Our goal at Rittenhouse Square Insurance is to educate people about the available insurance options without the intimidation you might find at another agency. We are an unbiased resource for our clients, navigating various insurance products to create coverage packages that meet their needs. We offer a boutique experience from start to finish.

Although we highlight that we are a local, women owned business, we want to send out a loud disclaimer that we welcome all people - no matter who you are or how you show up. We welcome anyone who wants to lift themselves up by learning about all the options in the world of insurance. 

We want to demystify the "smoke and mirrors" of the insurance and financial products world for people - no matter what gender, race, religion, sex or pronoun you identify as.

Whatever your insurance need, we can help you. Schedule a free consultation today!

Boutique insurance agency in Philadelphia, PA.

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Find the insurance products you need for health, life, renter's, and more!