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Senior Scam Alert - Seniors Being Targeted for Roofing Scams
August 19, 2022 at 1:00 PM
by Tara Taws Claghorn-Nicastro
Rittenhouse Square Insurance
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Have you heard about the recent roofing scam affecting seniors? Who can you trust when you need roof repairs, have a leak, or you need your annual roof “check up”?

Our blogs often focus on Medicare tips or specific senior related services to help you on your Medicare journey. I continue to reference the importance of building a strong Medicare or Senior Healthcare Team of specialists and resources that complement each other and your short and long term healthcare plan in retirement. A very important (and not mentioned enough) part of successful and healthy aging in place is having a trusted team of contractors to provide reliable and fair maintenance and repairs to your home as you age in place. One of the most important services to have performed by properly trained and licensed tradespeople is Roofing.

Everyone wants to know that their mothers, fathers, and grandparents are going to be safe and not taken advantage of if leaks, hail damage, or other issues affect their roof or neighborhood. With the onslaught of spam texting and phone calls, mailers, door flyers and even door to door scam attempts, Seniors are left not knowing who to trust. We asked The Philadelphia Roof Doctor how they protect their clients.

  • According to The Philadelphia Roof Doctor, Seniors can be easily scammed into thinking their roof needs unnecessary repairs, that fictitious inspections are required or even tricked into paying for work that was never performed!
  • Seniors or older homeowners are not always likely or capable to ever check if work was done on the roof.
  • Our team is properly trained, licensed, and insured and can be verified by things like Google, Yelp and the Philadelphia L&I website.
  • We are consistently improving our skills and services by being trained and licensed in the most high quality, environmentally safe, energy efficient roofing products.
  • We live in the same community that we roof in.
  • Our neighbors are our friends and family, and we protect them from roofing scams by educating them and making their safety our first priority.
  • We also take your time very seriously and pride ourselves on our communication with our clients throughout the duration of each job.
  • We are committed to constant improvement in technique and technology, while keeping our personal touch of the family owned roofing company we have always been.

*Local Trusted Resource* is a list compiled by me. Disclaimer, there is not "one magic list" out there of trusted partners, however, I aim to share any "Tara Verified" tips I can that will improve the level of confiden