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Moves for Seniors
August 17, 2022 at 12:00 PM
by Tara T. Claghorn Nicastro
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Moving, downsizing, relocating or living in multiple locations are often a part of someone’s retirement plan. These types of things can be extremely stressful and it is very hard to know who to trust. Moving is emotionally exhausting and having a cost-effective, worthwhile, dedicated team you can count on for a single downsize or to move with you throughout your senior years is something that could relieve this stress almost entirely.

Enter Mike Bruno and Moves for Seniors. Per Mike, “ …arranging the physical move is just part of what we do. Moves for Seniors is a single resource for all of your senior moving needs. We will help design your move and manage any other services you may need, like packing, donating, clearing out, or creating a floor plan for your new home. Our Facilitators will help you with the difficult decisions that surround any move, especially moves made by older adults.”

Give Moves for Seniors a call to schedule a free consultation!

*Local Partners and Shout Outs are just suggestions based on my day to day interactions with Seniors, my current clients, and their loved ones. I do not receive any benefit from sharing their information besides your potential satisfaction!

I like to tell my clients that they need a develop and maintain a "Healthcare Support Team" to advocate for them throughout their Medicare Experience.

As people are staying healthier, living and working much longer than when programs like Medicare were first designed, there are more and more types of senior services emerging daily.

With the internet, spam phone calls, television commercials, radio commercials, billboards, newspaper ads and social media posts drowning seniors in options….it is overwhelming to know who trust and what you may or may not actually need.

Part of my mission as a Medicare and Senior Healthcare Planner is to learn about all the resources available to seniors locally and nationally and dig into the details of the senior services that I feel could be beneficial to clients, seniors, families and caregivers. I then can help plug whatever Medicare related insurance someone has into the equation and relay potential benefit/eligibility information or guide them to the next step.

Stay Safe and Smile at a Senior Today!