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Get Started with Medicare
August 2, 2023 at 4:00 PM
by Tara T. Claghorn-Nicastro

Here are a few things I discuss with people when they ask me where to start when deciding if Medicare is right for them or not (whether they are turning 65, retiring, still working, or eligible for another reason).

Step 1: Register for an account. You will enroll into Medicare A or B (or A&B) via Social Security. Enrolling online via is fast and efficient. The information that Social Security has on file transfers to Medicare once you enroll. (Example: If you have to change your address, you change it with Social Security and it automatically updates with Medicare.)

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Step 2: Review and think about these questions to review what may affect your decision to enroll in Medicare at 65 (A or B, or both):

  • Do you currently have health and prescription coverage through your employer or your spouse’s employer? If so, does the employer have more than 20 employees?
screenshot 2023-08-02 11.22.25 am.png
  • Are you a Veteran?
  • Are you eligible for Union or Retiree health insurance benefits?
  • Are you currently contributing to an HSA?

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  • Are you eligible for Medicaid?
  • Are you disabled and have you been receiving social security disability for 24 months?

This tool is a great place to get started. As you answer the questions, the tool helps determine your eligibility options.

In summary, if you are considering enrolling into Medicare Part A or B, a great place to start is registering for an account and reviewing and answering the questions above. If you determine you are ready for Medicare, then an independent agent like myself can help you navigate the next steps, determine proper enrollment periods and help you find the right supplemental/drug plans to fit your needs!

Stay safe and remember, we are here to make Medicare easy for you!


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